This is a letter from a truly re-inspired chef…

Hold up… I think I’ve been touched by an angel. *Insert one of my famous surprised facial expressions*. No! I know I’ve been touched by an angel because God told me so!

This season of MasterChef has come to a close and we finally have announced the winner…

Congratulations *Drum roll please* CHRISTINE! As the confetti falls down on everyone I am feeling all sorts of emotions. Disappointment, joy, and humility, just to name a few.

This letter is not just about the television show “MasterChef.” It is about the being inspired by God and the fact that I have been touched by an angel. Not too many people know Christine the way I do. She is funny, smart, witty, and loves food and can cook to the standard of a MasterChef. We share a lot of the same passions and interests besides food like music, activities, and traveling. God used food to put us together for a greater purpose than just cooking amazingly delicious food. This season of MasterChef proves we can do that. He gave us the strength and the skills to compete for a prize and my God we got it! I am in tears of JOY writing this because there is another angel present in the MasterChef Kitchen and that is Chef Gordon Ramsay. He too is an angel, I bet you didn’t know that. The things he does for people are amazing and that kind stuff is rare to medium-rare! Pun intended. No scratch, that it’s a miracle. I was brought into the MasterChef kitchen with a talent and a passion that sparked out of nowhere. Yeah, I knew I loved food and I knew I could cook, but the “pressure tests” that I’ve overcome in life can only be attributed to God! This experience has brought me to my knees before God and I came to the realization that He put me on this earth to be one of His angels too, just like Chef Ramsay and MasterChef Christine. I don’t know if they know they are angels too, but it’s true, trust me I know because God told me so! He is writing this blog right now.

Gordon, Christine, and I have been put on this earth to inspire people across the globe to come together with food to inspire people to pursue their dreams no matter what they are. Cooking, dancing, writing, playing sports, fixing your marriage or WHATEVER your passion is, you NEED to find it! This is not a request, it is an order. It is true that angels are put on this earth to inspire people to be great. I know because I have been touched by many angels in my life. MasterChef Christine and Chef Ramsay are just two. It just took the support of my family, friends, and fans to manifest this into something greater. God didn’t give me the title of MasterChef, $250,000, and the cookbook to humble me to the point were I can inspire people across the globe and personally to be BEYOND GREAT!

So what’s next for me? Open that famous cooking school that I’ve been talking about all season? A restaurant? Food truck? Or become a personal chef? Yes, No, Maybe, or all of the above. My answer is all of the above because my inspirations come from above. At the end of the day I’m just a goofy dude that loves too cook, play basketball, laugh, have fun, and inspire people. More great things to come… Trust me!

With Love, Josh


Check out Christine and myself chatting with Steve and Gretchen on “Fox and Friends After The Show” as we talk about our inspiration and I talk about my God-Given Gift to cook.


  1. Shawanna says:

    Wow! very meek!

    • Cathy Kennedy says:


      I love the way you give God all the glory. I truly love inspiring others and I believe that God does have angels helping to guide our paths. I pray that all the passion and ambition you have is spread all over this world. I loved you on master chef, and I love the person that I believe you are. I will continue expecting great things from you and i’m looking forward to supporting more of your work. Continue keeping God first and he will always make certain all your dreams come true. I love cooking and I know that it brings families and friends closer. Greater is he that is in us then he that is in the world. We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. I’m truly inspired and happy to have had an opportunity to witness the great chef you are! Josh, I do think I’m one of your greatest fans!

  2. Ingrid Brown says:

    Great story! Glad we have a way of keeping up with your success. It’s the beginning of wonderful journey.

  3. Lisa Luckett says:

    You have certainly blessed my heart. I love your passion for food & life. I know God has BIG plans for you and that’s what blesses my heart because you know this already. Keep searching & following HIS will for your life & keep blessing others like you have blessed me!
    Love you,
    Lisa :)

    • Jeanne says:

      God bless you, Josh! Beautiful tribute to God, humility, Christine and Chef Gordon and being a good person, and to trusting in Him as He leads.

  4. Calaya DuBois says:

    Wow. That letter is simply amazing! The way you see the real significance behind the gift God has given you to be such a passionate and talented cook is amazing. I’m sure the gifts promised to you go far beyond the scope of MasterChef, if anything God granted you the opportunity in order to open more doors for you. Josh I don’t know you at all but I can see how sincere and genuine you are. You are going to make an excellent entrepreneur in whatever avenue you decide to take.

    God bless!

    P.S. will you be accepting bookings for events?

  5. Leslie says:

    You are truly beautiful and inspirational! Watching your ever so public journey just makes me want to do something! Something better.

    I want to cook more, I want to be more. You’ve got a fan and a supporter for life my friend. Good luck in all your future endeavors. God bless your beautiful soul.

  6. megan says:

    hi josh!! i’m sad that you and christine couldn’t both win! but glad to see that God humbled and taught you through the experience =) i think it is an incredibly noble aspiration to want to open a cooking school, and i hope you can still do it some day!!!
    until then, i think you would do amazingly as a personal chef!

    BTW, i thought your presentation was AWESOME!!

  7. Tabitha Dumas says:

    Josh!! I think that you are most amazing chef that I’ve viewed because of the thought that you put into your food choices. I watched every week just to see just what you would create. You are truly an angel and indeed a winner! If I had a wish it would be to taste an amazing dinner cooked and presented by Josh Marks for my friends:) I will look out for your food truck, book, and restaurant as I wish all of the blessings of success:)

  8. Jillian says:

    Josh, I thank you so much for just being on the show, you have inspired me to start cooking again, not on Master chef level but just to try new things. I will miss watching you on TV but I know your face will not be gone for long. God has blessed you with a talent, a special gift. Continue to embrace this gift and stay focused, I know I will visit one of your restaurants one day!

  9. Alfred says:

    We’re all proud of you Josh and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. You’ve inspired us all to pursue our hopes and dreams, and showed us that if things don’t work right the first time, you can always redeem yourself as long as you persevere. I’m proud to be #teamjosh!

  10. Brandi says:

    You are AMAZING!! So many needed to read this today, to know that you can win in a situation without actually capturing the title winner. Like several other people I just knew there was something special about you watching this season of Master Chef and it’s so glad to see that we were all right! God is good and he doesn’t make mistakes. You were right where you needed to be when you needed to be there. Congratulations to Christine, to you and to everyone else who was given the opportunity to share their passion!

    Well written and job WELL DONE Josh!!

  11. Lezlee Landry says:

    I am so proud of you and all the progress you’ve made. You are truly an inspiration to me!

  12. Steve Best says:

    Josh, I was one of you biggest fans; first because I have a love and a passion for fine dinning and cooking. Secondly because your a african american male who has dreams and who honored God. I saw how after each competition you would thank God; and that made my root for you. No, you didn’t win the title Masterchef, but your skill and knowledge has increased and you touched the world with you passion and drive. Continue to put God first and watch all of your dreams come true.

  13. Naportia McMillan says:

    Josh, you and Christine both are truly inspirational. Never before have I cheered so greatly for any two people. I know you will go on to accomplish great things. You are such a humble man and I am beyond proud of you accomplishments. You too will continue to inspire people and I will continue to follow your work.

  14. Chandra Blanks says:

    God has blessed you with a wonderful gift. Keep moving onward and upward. I am always a member of team Josh for life cuz. Love you :-)

  15. Calaya DuBois says:

    Your letter is beautiful Josh. Its so amazing that you see the big picture behind the gift God has given you to be the talent chef you are. I’m sure your talents will take you far beyond the scope of MasterChef, if anything, God granetd you this opportunity to open more doors for you. Josh you are such a sincere and genuine spirit, congrats on your success thus far and the future ones to come. Will you be accepting bookings for events?!

    God Bless,

  16. Tommy Winston says:

    Josh, I’m very proud of you. You are definitely an inspiration to many people, especially me. I admire your passion for food and how you have continued to chase your dreams. God has something great in store for you! As I stated earlier, I’m glad to have crossed paths with you at THE Tougaloo College. Wherever you go, I’ll be rooting for my fellow “eagle”. Take care and God bless.


  17. Evette says:

    You did an amazing job last night. I am positive God has a great plan for your life. Keep us posted on the cookbook. I will definitely purchase one. Your pecan pie looked delicious! Blessings and Favor.

  18. Jennifer James says:

    Hey Josh, I don’t know if you seen any of my comments thru the thousands of comments sent to you, but from the very beginning you were my family’s choice. My three sons walked around calling themselves Chef Josh. I love to cook but I could never come up with those fantastic creations I saw on the show. I hope that you do come out with a cookbook, bec I can not wait to taste those curry sauces, everything! It was a great show and you made us enjoy it even more. I’m very proud of you :) and can’t wait to see all you become. My family Justin, Jordan, Jaylen, Jada, My Mother, and myself Jennifer, love you. You touched our hearts. Oh I can’t even begin to tell u how we felt when u left BUT YOUR COMEBACK!!!! Absolutely Fantastic!!! Let me shut up! Continue to be great and keep us posted.

  19. Patricia E. says:

    Josh from the start I didn’t really know you as a person but as a contestants on one of my favorite shows I love to watch. I saw in your, inspiration, dedication, your passion in cooking from the HEART! Your will in surviving and the champion you are to me and many others. I felt like you were my nephew on a tv show competing to win that title. Josh you may have not won that title but you have won the hearts of so many people out there who was in your corner from day one like I have. I pray for your successes in the culinary world as GOD has intend for you to do! Your GOD given talent!! ;*)

  20. When you can put other people on your shoulder to show them their future..their greatness..their true gifts and pasion..that is called empowerment..

    By being on the found you, others and empowered a whole bunch of people you don’t even know..Actions speak louder than words and you my friend are not only a Masterchef…You are a awesome man…!!

    Just remember, one door shuts and two open, keep pushing forward on your journey..dc


    Congrats Josh! I wish you much love and much success. Continue to do what God set you out to do.

  22. April says:

    You are amazing!!! I thank God for unfolding these things for you, for you are a light that is helping your friends and family and FANS find their path!!! Thank you!

  23. stefanie Henderson says:

    Josh you are an amazing pedometer all around. Since the auditions you and Christine were my top 2, my ultimate favorites, to see you leave broke my heart and to see u return was the greatest episode I could have seen. I have a son named Josh and I pray he is half the man u are ;) the amount of passion and determination and other great qualities u have would make anyone proud. Hope to see you succeed and follow your dreams in the food world!!

  24. DeAnna says:

    Aww Josh…we are so proud of you!!! Can’t wait to get together again….I will order out, and you and the boys (Chris included) can shoot some hoops, we will support whatever and where ever this journey takes you!!!.
    Love ya!
    The Mrs. :)

  25. Selena says:

    You are going to make those dreams s reality. You have something very special, you tell yourself you can And Do. Masterchef was a stepping stone for you. I pray that many blessings come your way.You will open that cooking school one day and who knows maybe I will be able to follow my dream to become a cook.Best of Luck to you!! My son Cedric and I have been pulling for you since the beginning and still are!!

  26. Monica Sharpless says:

    Josh, your story is amazing and the love for god that you have expressed is so humbling. Not many people will give the glory to lord for what they have. I wish you many many blessings. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Antoinette Foster says:

    Thank you so much for this inspiring letter. I was in tears last night after the show and feeling blue about it this morning, however. I am now full of joy to know that you have experienced the love of God even more so this journey. GOD IS GREATER!!! Greater than anybody, anywhere. Greater than any power. Greater than any force. Remember this always. My prayers are with you and Stay humble before Him.
    Blessed bountifully,

  28. Yajaira says:

    I agree with you 100% Josh.. Congrats on your journey that is just really getting started. Your passion has inspired many including me…but most of all what i love the most is your belief & faith in God. Angels are among us to help guide us where we need to be…& people are also placed in our paths to connect, help & inspire us to do better…you are lucky you found all three..most people dont see it….you do & u have God bless you & of course i will share your blog and hope you continue to keep your fans posted….i was still talking about you this morning…my whole family was upset you didnt win…but you did go up against a good contender and so it was fair which is what we hoped for as well……but still…lol….Goodluck!!!…

  29. Lynn Holly says:

    You have received blessings and you are and will continue to be a blessing to others. Congratulations on a great competition and on realizing your dreams!

  30. scoops says:

    You have our support in WhatEver you do!! You’ll always have a bedroom and a Kitchen at my place! Keep up the Outstanding work! You’ve been a blessing to many

  31. Pandoria Shird says:

    You are truly a blessed man of God. Keep God first and in your heart and will come continue to bless you. God does everything for a reason. God bless you and I love you and God does too. Love you Josh,

    Your biggest fan,
    Pandoria Shird

  32. Payge says:

    Hey Josh!

    Words cannot express how proud we are of you! I could say we don’t know you, but we do, for we too are His. You have a beautiful, loving spirit, a tremendous heart of gold. Our prayer is that you will continue along the path the Lord has set forth for you; always being very careful to give Him ALL the glory. Hoping to sit down to one of your amazing meals soon! We love you!

    Yours In Christ,
    Payge and Michael Hopper

  33. Pamela Junior says:

    Hey Josh! You made us so proud! To see you on television doing something that you are passionate about truly brought the emotions out of me. You taught your buddy’s ma more about doing something big and great than you will ever know. We are all put on this earth for greatness and Big Guy you’ve found your greatness. Keep up the good work Josh! We’ll be keeping a close eye on you.

  34. Davita Baloue says:

    I love you Josh!!!!!

  35. Monique says:

    My first thought after seeing the finale was “robbed” but after reading your letter, I’ve changed my mind. I love your positive attitude and your thoughts on everything about the show, Christine and how God has blessed you. I think you are one talented guy, and yes…when you come out w/ that cook book, I’m still going to buy it! (I’m @sillywhome on Twitter and said that yesterday, and I stand by it) Good luck to you and all you do! Congratulations for all of what you’ve achieved thus far!

  36. Scott stein says:

    Josh, what a great post. I guess my dad is not the only one to think you played basketball. I could tell just from our couple minute conversation at Eataly yesterday that you have a bright future ahead of you.


  37. jessica williams says:

    josh than was a very beautiful letter continue to do u and good luck in everything that u bout to put out there…. always #team josh baby….. oh and u should come to mobile al sometimes i really would like to eat off that food truck ur gonna open…..

  38. Brandon de Roziere says:


    Great run on Masterchef! I’m a big fan & really enjoyed watching you perform your skill every week.

    I had a couple questions for you,… will you still put out a cookbook? I’m sure you could get a deal somewhere and put one together. I would definitely buy! Also, did you get any offers to work for Chef Ramsay, Graham or Joe? I think you proved yourself.

    Keep shootin,


    • Josh says:

      Brandon, thank you so much for your message. I most certainly will be putting out a cookbook. There is no doubt in my heart about that. As far as working with the judges in the future I most definitely will be working with them too.

      Always keep shooting,


  39. TrecyeTrece says:

    Hello Josh
    I’m so happy for you&your journey on MasterChef&life in general. Rite from the beginning my sister watch this year show&said that it’s a contestant who looks or resemble my son. So I did,it is your facial expressions is exactly like the way my son is. Overall,I watched because you have a certain drive&compassion for “Food”,as the show gets shorter and closer to the show producers announcing the winner,I was pulling for you to win. Josh you are a winner in my eyes&then some….and mainly God allowed you to experience this just so that what he has for you,can’t none of them touch that….so biGG ups Josh for a job well done….I really wished that you did win and not that chic who ain’t really blind to me…..and that’s my OPINOIN.

  40. Sherise says:

    Hi Josh,

    Your words are INSPIRATIONAL! When I watched you cook you were so involved in what you were doing. I saw PASSION in your eyes, and even though Christine won…I was so inspired by the bth of you. My mother and I saw that competitive side come all out of you. You are going to be on the Food Network and so much more. God Bless you so much and the doors are open….now Josh run through them because it’s your time. :) You Go!

  41. Adlene Collins-French says:


  42. Flora Diaz says:

    Josh, you have truly been an inspiration to watch all season long. I was glued to the screen every episode. I convinced my friends & family to watch as well & they became hooked! I wish you many blessings & I know your journey is not over yet. Cannot wait to see what else you comes your way & may God continue to bless you in all that you do.
    -Flora :)

  43. Josh,

    Your passion and God given talents have truly inspired me to new limits. Remember, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. The sky is the limit bro; you’ll be a big name in the world of food.

    Your fan,

  44. Patricia Means says:

    Josh, I admire and respect you. You are not afraid to give all the glory to God, and in return he has blessed you with a beautiful gift. Please run with this blessing and spread it where ever you go. It was a pleasure watching you fall and bounce back up and continue on your path. I love you Josh. I can’t wait to get your book and try out those recipes.

    Your sister in God,
    Pat Means

  45. Alicai Newkirk says:

    Josh, I don’t usually do things like this. . .but watching you cook was a joy. You are an artist and have such wonderful ideas. I have complete faith that you will reach all your dreams. I’ve already told my girlfriend that I am ready to buy a plane ticket to wherever your first restaurant is! Keep following your dreams. Reading this letter has inspired me to keep following mine, no matter the obstacles. Stay blessed and humble!

  46. Josh,
    God uses us as angels once we discover the other angels that walk among us. 11:11 If I can be of any assistance if you are in the area of Central Florida, I’m here for you. I cried when you were thrown under the bus both times. I’ve been inspired by your confidence, resilience, and tenacity. Keep on looking for the signs of the paths to follow, other angels will guide you. And PLEASE remember to cook the lobster a little longer. Peace
    Brenda-Jean Winchester
    NCAA Basketball Referee

  47. Krystal Logan says:

    Way to go JOSH! Such an inspiration & blessing to so many! I’m so proud of you fellow Tougalooian! Continue to follow your dreams and shoot those onions. This is only the start for you. May God bless you in your many endeavors and best of luck!

  48. Amber says:

    Truly a great message from an amazing chef who really was amazing to watch! Thanks for that positive uplifting message, no wonder your food is heavenly :)

  49. Liz and Gerry says:

    We are huge fans of masterchef and just when the series couldn’t get better, it did because of you and Christine (and the judges of course). We watched every episode and were truly inspired by the home cooks. Every episode divided and yet united us as we were rooting for the best and we were happy to know you were the top 2!!! Thank you for inspiring us to get back into the kitchen and know that no matter where we’re from, we can be good cooks too if we have passion, humility, and ethics! WAY TO GO JOSH!!!!! WHEN IS YOUR COOKBOOK COMING OUT? (We will be on the lookout!)

  50. HandsomeMan says:

    as much i liked Christine and thought she made great dishes throughout the season, I really thought you should’ve won that final cook-off.

    regardless, both of you were the competitors i really wanted to see at the end, and you really represented well. Congratulations and I hope to see you achieve more great things in the future.

  51. Miriam says:

    What an inspiring letter. I’m sure God has some amazing plans for you. Keep on cooking!

  52. Cassio Batteast says:

    Josh, thank you so much for this letter. It really blessed me. Humility is a great characteristic to have. It allows us to see what God really want us to do. I will continue praying for you brother. Keep shooting onions and being an angel. Peace

  53. Joyce Coleman says:

    Josh, what an inspiration. Hurry up and get that cookbook together. You are amazing. God is good and this is only the beginning. So very proud of you and you truly are a Master Chef in my view. Great opportunities are coming your way. God bless you and hurry up and visit Philadelphia.

  54. Bentley says:

    I have know this about Chef Ramsey for some time. He is actually the only hero I have. He is honest, incredibly giving and helpful and just an amazing chef and person. I am happy to read your letter and hope you follow on a path that is yours, but inspires and helps like Chef Ramsey’s. I REALLY want some of your recipes. PLEASE put out a cook book first and foremost. Also, did you have ANY culinary training prior to trying out for and competing on Master Chef? I always thought myself a good home Chef until I see the techniques you, Frank, Christine and Becky exhibited. Did you all learn that through trial and error at home??!!? All the best to you. I look forward to trying your food and recipes someday (soon I hope). Thanks for the inspirations…

  55. Samia says:

    That was beautiful to read. You do inspire people. I don’t even believe in God, but you make me want to.
    Greetings from France! (yes some of us Frenchies love to watch yall cook!)

  56. Aunt Van says:

    Hi Josh, Love you! God has truly blessed you with your talent! Congratulations and much luck in all your endeavors!!! I am blessed for having you in my life!
    Love you Josh,
    Aunt Van

  57. Olivia says:

    What a beautiful letter! It must be very hard not to win, but your gracious acceptance and your faith in God will surely be rewarded. Hope you go on to do even more great things!

  58. ruby says:

    Josh, so proud of you and that letter was incredible. You have always been a great young man who will do great things because your life is lead by God’s work. Since you are a believer in God, he will continue to work through you and everything you want to do will be done. It was great watching you this season and I will miss the show but I know you will follow your passion and do GREAT things.
    Come see us when you can:)

    • Josh says:

      Sure thing Ruby! It was an honor have worked with you at BBB those two years! Be inspired and I know you will do great. btw I would love to come visit

  59. Laurene Stroud says:

    Hello Josh,
    Such a beautiful and humbling letter.. You are an amazing young man as well as an amazing chef. I too believe that God has a plan for you. Great things are ready to happen for you, and I am truly excited for you. I will continue to follow and support you in your future endeavors..
    God Bless,

  60. arielle gallman says:

    you did an great job and God is certainly using you! may you continue to inspire other with your talent.

  61. Kiwi says:

    Hi Josh!

    I am literally your #1 fan (ok after your family). This letter almost brought me to straight tears because I can feel the genuine emotion you put into it.

    I was just as disappointed as you were when they didnt call your name, but I can see how humble you were too! They kicked you off with that egg challenge and they you were given a second chance to cook and made it to Top #2! Amazing I am proud of you.

    I know you do not know me, but hey the power of television and social media makes me feel like I knew you these last few months. Everytime you cooked I was amazed! I know people are like why isnt this 7ft dude an NBA player already? Hey now that Masterchef is over the Bull could pick you up now (jk).

    But you did something that most people your height wouldnt be expected to have as a talent. Of course being 7ft tall automatically means you should be a ballplayer! Of course! But that is what society whats you to do…and you took your talents and show the world what you could do and it touched millions!

    I am proud of you and make that book anyways! Still open up that cooking school and whatever else you choose to do…you didnt win Masterchef but it opened doors. Huge doors! Follow your dreams and your heart always.

    Thanks for sharing your gifts and when my blog is officially up and running I would love to interview you. God Bless!

    - Kiwi

  62. Lori Wesby says:

    Josh, this is a beautiful testimony to the blessings God has bestowed upon you. You are a phenomenal chef, and a phenomenal person. This letter is so personal and I can see it comes straight from the heart. I wish you all your dreams come true…and mine, too! Thanks for encouraging us to pursue our passions and leading by example.

  63. santiago says:

    I still think Josh should have won. The judges didn’t gush over any plate like they did his lamb, so when they said “it came down to one plate” I thought he nailed it. It’s nice to see Josh humble in his praise and affection for Christine. He didn’t win the title but he won a lot of fans who’ll support whatever he does next.

  64. Chris says:

    Josh — we love you!

    Our boys are 8 and 9 and we all loved to watch and cheer for you during this season’s Master Chef! You have inspired our two young guys to start cooking and their curiosity and energy is at once whimsical and serious. Our 9-yo turns 10 in November and he has been adamant that the “Ultimate Master Chef” cookbook is all he really wants!

    Like you, our boys are big athletes, but your love of cooking showed them that they can excel in the kitchen just as they do on the basketball court or baseball field. We can tell them that’s true… but you showed them.

    We are all cheering for you in life and know that whatever endeavor you choose to follow will be a success!

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

    All our best to you!

    Chris & Kristina

  65. David Jamison says:

    The message was very inspiring bro, congrats on your accomplishments and all of the great things that God has in store for you. “My answer is all of the above because my inspirations come from above,” enough said!! Watching you this season really inspired me to contine on pursuing my goals in life. #TougalooFam

  66. Dolly says:

    Dear Josh,

    Your letter has been both inspirational and heart-warming. Not only have I (we) watched you from the very first day, but I (we) have been seen you florish before our very eyes. You took your passion and drive and created something beautiful each week and that very determination is something I yearn for. This letter now confirms that we all have what it takes to make our passion and dreams a reality.
    You have done very well Josh, not only for yourself, your family but for every fan that has watched you grow.
    You SHOULD be very proud of yourself and God is on your side all the way.
    You have gained another overwhelmed fan, not only for your culinary skills but for your inspirational words. :)

    I look forward to seeing big. bold things from you.. Get that cookbook out, start teaching and make those dreams a reality.

  67. Chandra Blanks says:

    God has blessed you with a wonderful gift. You have a warm and loving heart. Keep moving onward and upward. I am always a member of Team Josh for life cuz! Love you!

  68. Monica says:

    Josh, congrats on how far you have come. Watching you brought me and my father closer together than ever before. He’s 63 and he was rooting, cheering, and screaming at you all the way from Kansas City the entire summer as if you were a part of the family! You are such an inspiration. Keep it up Honey. God has the plan, you have nothing to worry about (which I’m sure you know) and remember everything happens for a reason…
    Much love,

  69. Marcus Crawford says:

    Josh I wanted you to know that you were a light to me. Even sometImes you fell you got right back up and keep on goIng. You have been a insprition to me being a cook and a simple guy that started a catering business from scratch here In Dallas. Seeing you cook you remind me of myself. Keep God first and no dream is to hard. He showed you just what he can do. Get ready everything you put your hands to it’s yours.

  70. Dany says:

    Answer to a letter from a truly re-inspired chef…

    You have a lot of talent and passion but what touches me most is your personality. To be winner is in the head first. If everybody (included myself) would think about this more often the humanity would be better. No award can replace the pride. When you said “Good luck” to Christine before the challenge, you showed tha t you’re a real gentleman. Thank you Josh for your very inspiring performance :-)

  71. Ishii T. says:

    I absolutely LOVED watching you this season. As an avid fan of MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen, I can say that you and Chrsitine have changed the meaning of “competition”!!! It wasn’t about backstabbing, it wasn’t about cheating….it was about two great souls doing what God has called them to do! Thank you for following your calling….thank you for chasing your dreams….thank you for being an inspiration! :-) I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you!

  72. Trinna says:

    I am so pleased to see the glory given to God, Josh – humbling. I really was happy to read about the relationships you developed in your journey as well and the respect that you have for them. Thank you for taking the time to share this with others. That is truly something special. =) He has plans for us all, and He will use you. Blessings to you and your family!
    ~ Trinna

  73. I love this! Definitely made me smile and shed a tear. I’ve watched master chef in the past and I’ve never felt so inspired by a contestant! Your charm and relentless positivity were so infectious. You definitely made your mark on the world, and I know the millions that saw you were just as inspired as I was. Good luck with your future endeavors and God bless you! :)

  74. Robyn May says:

    You are a blessing! May God continue to use you and may you allow His love to flow through you to reach others. God bless you Josh!

  75. Johnny Faberlle says:

    Wish you the best of luck in whatever you do. I hope you do come out with a cookbook.

  76. riro says:

    I LOVE THIS JOSH!! very very awsome and I totally understand where your coming from. God is awsome anf worthy he puts people in our lives for a reason! and a season!! ;0)

  77. Dariel Randolph says:

    Josh, this letter is amazing and you have been an angel since I met you!!! You were a great classmate of 2005 and never rude always smiling about something. God has many blessings in store for you and you have the ability and skill to complete anything that is brought to you!! I will ALWAYS be supportive of you because you are a great person and glad I met you at Tougaloo College. Good luck with your future endeavors!!!!!!

  78. DeBora Freeland says:

    Josh you are a force to be reckoned with and I have no doubt you will move on to way bigger things then a title of Master Chef. Congrats to Christine as well. God bless you and yours always.

  79. MaraNYC says:

    Josh, you are truly an amazing person. For you to be humble and accept God’s will and use that as inspiration to others, says a lot about you. He has chosen greater things for you and because of your humbleness, acceptance and the way you glorify his name, he will lead you to an even greater success. It was a pleasure to watch you on the show and look forward to hearing from you via your twitter or here on your blog. You are blessed, and how beautiful that you know it, and have faith in his master plan for you.

  80. Delena King says:

    Josh I cannot stop crying that was a lovely letter thanking the angels and God in your life. Who would have guessed the guy that was eating next to me at “the round table” in Vicksburg would be on the MasterChef. You are my chef and I have enjoyed all your recipes (have to subtract the cheese). I cant wait to see what is next for you. Good luck and may God bless you on your next endeavor

  81. Sheri says:

    Josh, I watched the show because of you and only you. I am still looking foward to your cookbook. I would pay hundreds of dollars to have a plate of food cooked by your hands! Your passion, gaul, audacity, and drive just inspires me! The Lord has truly given you a gift! I’m just a mom and wife but I love to cook from scratch and watching you this season inspires me to think outside the box and outside of my comfort zone when trying to create new dishes. I LOVE that about you. And for you to be able to spark and inspire me whom you’ve never seen is nothing but God. I’m so happy for you and your future. God truly bless you indeed and please keep us all posted concerning your cookbook. I can’t wait!!

  82. Melissa says:

    Wow! I knew I liked you from the start :) I think that you have guts and passion unlike anyone else. God has truly given you an amazing talent and it’s wonderful to hear you acknowledge Him and encourage others to find their God-given passion as well.

    Christine was an amazing competitor and a true inspiration. I’m still disappointed that I won’t get to buy your cookbook (yet). I know, however, that you will be following your dream and maybe someday I’ll be eating at one of your restaurants (open it in Atlanta, we have an amazing food scene here).

    Best of luck to you in all your ventures. May God bless you and may you continue to always give Him the glory.


  83. beth says:

    Josh u were my favorite. Every week I would tell my husband ok master chief is on now where’s my josh.. so humble u r. Hopefully to see u on tv soon again

  84. tina says:

    And that is why you were my choice to win it from the beginning. I’ve been watching MC since the first season. I have NEVER been so gung-ho behind a contestant as I am for you! This letter is the written version of exactly what I saw in you when I first saw you on Masterchef. It is this humbleness, coupled with your genuine kindness and passion that made you stand out. You are a wonderful person and always remember that God has your back and has great things in store for you! Masterchef or not, I still want your cookbook for my birthday! I’ll always be #TeamJosh!

  85. Ann Taylor says:

    I know there will be many blessings in your future.

  86. Jannele Rowe says:

    Everyone from your old neighborhood is so proud of you.

  87. Jonathan says:

    Well I Have Been Touched By Your Letter I Myself Am A Musician And You Will Always Be A Winner Because Of Your Passion, Ambition, And Your Perseverance!!!

    Love Jonathan,

  88. Renee' says:

    Wow Josh!! Those words are powerful! I love the fact that you give God all the glory in the gifts that he has blessed you with. Continue to encourage others to succeed and reach out to the less fortunate. May God bless you richly!

  89. Kabhir Marks says:

    Hey cuzzo I am truly speechless at your comments. You are definitely right and always remember GOD doesn’t make mistakes, even though you did not walk away with the trophy or even the money you will be “Rich Forever” because walking away from a competition like this and still humbling yourself and to know that it doesn’t stop the world is your oyster, and you being a masterchef you can prepare it anyway you want. Love you cuzzo…..and we are behind you 100%. So go out there and make their tongues wiggle….

  90. April Carter says:

    Very well said. That was beautiful and deep. Good luck to you !!!!!

  91. tgtank says:

    Josh, after reading this I feel like you have become a true Mississipian and we gladly accept you as our own! You and Whitney Miller make us proud! Best of luck in the future.

  92. Speshalgift says:

    Humility will get you far. To be self taught you are truly amazing and I have enjoyed watching you this season. I know only great things are in store for you. Keep God First Always. You may not have won that title…but you truly are a winner.

  93. Kendra Moore says:

    That is beautiful and you are right Josh God has something special in store for all of you!!! Many blessings to you all!!!

  94. Brenda says:

    dJosh, that was a beautiful tribute to “GOD” the father, Christine, and Chef Gordon Ramsey. I can see GOD is your inspiration. If you didn’t win I had already picked Christine. She has an exceptional gift, I wish her much success as I do you. I know you will be a blessing to many people . You have such a gift. For preparing such complex dishes at your age. Joe said your lamb was stellar. Amazing. I hope you are offered a position in one of their restaurants. :) Josh, remember these two txts Proverbs 3 5-6 and Philipians 4:13. I wish you and your family all the best.


  95. Brenda says:

    I’ll be waiting on that cookbook from you too..

  96. Iˇ¦ve learn several just right stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot effort you place to create any such wonderful informative website.

  97. Kisha Craig says:

    I never would have expected you to say anything other than what you said here! To God be the glory! I’m blessed to know you!!! ….now imma need u to come over n cook one Sunday!! LOL! Sooooo proud of you! Yes I will enroll in your cooking school!!!

  98. Leigh says:

    It’s a nice post.

  99. Josh, you are exactly that! An angel. Congrats to you Josh! Seriously it’s just been such a pleasure to see how you have evolved in this journey and so amazing to see your strength focus and talent unfold before us! I can’t wait to see what doors open for you next!
    I know it’s gonna be great! Keep believing! Keep inspiring! You are fantastic~

  100. wow josh, u r an angel but i knew from day 1 of watching masterchef when gordan asked u are u crying u said a lil bit lol i thought that was so cute a man not ashame to show his emotions, somehow i knew u and christine were gonna be the final 2 i wish u won but god dont make no mistakes everything happens 4 a reason, and even though u didnt win masterchef in my eyes u r a winner and keep trusting in the lord and u will get that cooking school u want and deserve, jus always remember it will happen when god think u r ready 4 it and thats a true statement. anyway please keep being the humble man u r with that great personality u have and u will go far in life. ur #1 fan

  101. Barbara Gault says:

    Josh, what an inspirational letter! I watched you evolve throughout the Master Chef battle, conquering your mistakes and growing in you culinary talent. God has given you a vision which will reach out to your many followers, grace to acknowledge your mistakes and continue on and give glory to Him for all you do. May God continue to bless you!

  102. What a beautiful letter. I have watched this show from the beginning but when I saw you so young and determined, I felt proud. As I have told you I felt you a kindred spirit, loving to cook, being from Chicago and living in Mississippi. People assume you should be one way, but you followed your heart. I am certain you will get more than the $250,000.00 and a cookbook and will receive much more than you could have imagined. Your talent and spirit will carry you all the way. You have many people sending you their prayers and will continue to support and believe in you and in Christine. I am one of them.

  103. Marie says:

    Hi! I’ve been following MC from Bosnia. I wanted to stop by and tell you that this season’s finale was the best so far. It was so exciting to watch you and Christine as your styles of cooking are so different but both so very interesting. Wonderful! It must have been almost impossible to choose between the two of you. Thank you!:)

  104. Flora says:


    I truly enjoyed watching you on MasterChef. Your faith comes through in what you do. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying you’re an inspiration to people everywhere, especially home cooks.

  105. Eliot says:

    I’ve been recently realizing how much God worked through those moments when I don’t get what I think is best for me, and it is so refreshing to see someone with so much talent and passion to really attribute it to God. Really inspirational. I really look forward to whatever comes from you.

    ..But I can’t help but cringe watching the anchors in the video

  106. Joleen says:


    You did so well!
    I look forward to seeing you fulfill your dreams. :) Open that cooking school, write us a cookbook, and open a restaurant.

    I, for one, look forward to seeing what you can do!

    To a rich life,

  107. You are one awesome dude. You rock man. I was rooting for you (after Stacey left, that is … she’s my cousin:)

    God bless you and thanks for the sweet letter of inspiration. You are right you know !

  108. Oh yeah … found a TYPO:

    goofy dude that loves too cook


    goofy dude that loves to cook

    ((You don’t have to publish this comment:))

  109. Angie Barnette says:

    All of us at ERDC are very proud of you! “Soar like an Eagle, my friend!”.

    Don’t forget to keep us all updated as you move on. God has His hand in yours…now…let Him lead!


  110. There is no doubt in my mind that Josh is the clear Materchef winner.
    One of the judges decision making process was base on Christine emotions, and not her straight up 100% cooking creativity. I don’t
    have any negatism againts Christine ability to cook, it’s how the voting process came about. One judge having influence on how the competition came to a closed. Josh keep doing your best, because you are the best Marterchef in my book.


  111. Debra says:

    Josh, you and Christine were our favorites on MasterChef. When it came down to just the two of you, we were so torn as we loved you both. I just found your letter and read it to my husband and we both are teary eyed. No matter what you choose to do, I’m sure you will be blessed. And I’m willing to bet Christine would have felt the same had you been named MasterChef. In the long run, it’s just a title. You’ve already proven you are indeed a true MasterChef. I don’t mean to sound Trekkie, but it really does say what I want to say…..Josh, Live long and prosper!

    Your fan, Debra

  112. katowiczak says:

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  113. Tony says:

    That’s a terrific story. I was rooting for you and Christine. It’s a shame only one could win. It seems you are both terrific people. Best of luck in the future.

  114. Jackie G says:

    I just had my first taste of heaven on earth Bacon Pecan PIe!!!! Absolutely amazing way better than my own Pecan Pie and I can’t wait ot order one for my next get together!!! It is so nice to see someone with such passion and for whom I would love ot become friends with. I have to say tthat Southern Living Magazine and Good Housekeeping Magazine should feature your pies in their Holiday guides!!! Thank you Josh for being such an inspiration and having met you I can say you are a truly lovely person inside and out!!!

  115. jay martin says:

    Right on Josh. Perhaps the Lord gave you this amazing gift so that you can give Him the glory as you have done, and share Him with others. Much like many other busy, high demand professions, people who don’t know God can forgot Him because they are so engulfed with things, projects, chores and just life. When someone like you with a positive worldview and amazing passion comes and does what you did on MC3 and continue to do “As unto the Lord” (like you’re doing it for God), it’s inspirational even to the most accomplished, and that’s your opportunity to share with them Christ, how He fits into all of this and what He’s done for your life. Blessings on you and best wishes ahead.

  116. Corinna says:

    I rooted for you all the way on MasterChef. I really wanted you to win, but Christine won fair and square is also very talented. Josh, your enthusiasm, charisma, and cooking skills are tops!

    Now will Gordon Ramsey offer you a part in his empire?

  117. Olivia says:

    Hi Josh, I have been following you on Masterchef on Youtube as I am from the UK and have been staying up late at night to watch your progress on a computer. I felt very upset when I saw you lose the title to Christine as I considered you a more passionate cook throughout and was rooting for you as soon as you put the curry down in the first round. After reading your humble and gracious letter however I feel as though you didn’t lose at all as you have clearly gained so many things from the experience. You’ve inspired me to get into the kitchen and follow your dreams. Thankyou for that and for your infectious energy! Good luck for an amazingly bright future I’m sure! Olivia.

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