1. Andre edlund says:

    looks great dude! i’m sorry u lost, but honestly your food looks great (Likeaboss) .
    and i would love to eat it someday at your restaurant.
    wishes from sweden and a future Chef

  2. ibrahim mahem says:

    nice photos josh
    man i have been a fan of you since the first day on the show your style of cooking is kind similar to my of cause you are great chef and im just a cook i was talking about your history im african and all my skills come from family learning as i was growing up now i own a restaurant in small town in vermont and people love my food but im not making any money i cant even pay my bill and for financial reason i cant relocate even tho everybody is telling me to move to a bigger city and ill be making a killing but nobady know my financial reason.
    i just need an advice from you i love doing what i do and my joy are always come from cooking i love when a customer eat my food and be like wow i never thought ill be eating this kind of dish here its just a beautiful thing to hear that im an east african and we use a lot of curry, coconut, rice and all the good stuff .
    i just whant to know in my situation what would you do
    i just know i cant quit
    cooking is all i know
    any advice brother and good bless you in everything you do

  3. Tracey Alston says:

    My sincere condolensces to your family. My prayers are with them in this very sad time.

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