On the next episode of MasterChef…

It’s down to Christine, Becky, and myself in the semi-finals of MasterChef competing for a spot in the MasterChef Finale. In the next Mystery Box Challenge we get a preview of our respective cookbooks (…if named MasterChef), and it’s definitely an emotional moment as the Judges ask us who would we dedicate our cookbook too. Without a shout of a doubt in my mind I would dedicate my cookbook to my mom. She is an amazing woman and the person that motivated me the most throughout my MasterChef journey. In this challenge we got the opportunity to cook whatever we wanted to cook. NO TWISTS! The dish we cook, must be indicative of a signature recipe that we would put in our cookbook. 

I cooked an amazing Curry Cornish Hen, and as Chef Graham calls Cornish Hens, slutty chickens. It was so sooooo good! My Curry Cornish Hens were so good in fact that when I was cooking the sauce Chef Graham came over to taste it and said “Got Damn!” I said “Got Damn what!?” with a confused look on my face, then he said “Got Damn That’s Good!” That was the best and the most hilarious comment from any of the judges I heard all season. Hopefully it doesn’t get edited out.

Later, the winner of the Mystery Box Challenge gets to choose between three pairs of legs – lamb, chicken , or frog – and prepare a dish that worthy to compete in the finale of MasterChef.

May The Best Chef Win,



  1. jessica williams says:

    congratz on a job well done josh. you have made it this far lets go all the way!!!! i’ll be rootin for ya…

  2. Dan says:

    Much props brotha!! A big fan of yours and MasterChef. Just wanted to say, keep it going man, and regardless of whether you win the MasterChef title or not, I am a strong believer that you will find much success in the culinary world. Make sure and let us know when you open up you restaurant or school!

    • admin says:

      Dan, Thanks man! I really appreciate your comment! I most definitely will keep you posted about my culinary endeavours!


  3. Lisa Luckett says:

    I am so proud of you Josh! Go Team Josh!!!

  4. Ben Schim says:

    Josh congrats on making it to the final and PLEASE post that amazing curry Cornish hen recipe when you get the chance…unless it’ll be in the Master Chef Season 3 winners book!

  5. Mitch whaley says:

    Man u freaking rock. Pulling for u big time

  6. Jacki unique quiles says:

    Iv been teamjosh from the beginning. I think ur cocky af but thats what makes u great..take it to the finish so i can buy ur cookbook. GO JOSH!!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Jacki! Believe it or not I’m the most humble guy you will meet, BUT in competetion mode IT’S GAME ON!!!

      Thanks for the support!


  7. Tammy says:

    You guys all had me in tears! Great job last night! Everyone in Chicago is rooting for you :-)

  8. Leticia Diaz says:

    Josh you are amazing! The Master Chef comeback kid! I have admired how you came back, inspiring me to come back from all my life’s trials and tribulations! You have a big fan here in Springfield, Ma. Cook your heart out and good luck!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Leticia! I’m glad I am inspiring you! You and my aunt share the same name, so we must have a special connection! I wish you the best and thanks for your support!


  9. Patrice says:

    Hey josh I’m sooo happy for you. Who new back in college that you would up here. Im glad that your building a great foundation for your future. I wish you blessings and success. I know you’re going to do great in the finale.

  10. Chef Tony says:

    Amazing job Josh, your food looks great and I’m sure tastes even better… You both rock and best of luck in the finale!!!

  11. Akibe Rice says:

    Josh I met you in NY today along with your father, I believe your indeed one of the great ones glad to know you have an passion besides basketball! you know what I mean keep up the great work cant wait to bring my family to one of your restaurants. Go gettem big bra…. Akibe

    • Josh says:

      Thanks Brother! Respect! I hope you got a chance to see the finale and too read my letter. If not. I suggest you do it in that order.

      I was great meeting you too!


  12. PScott says:

    Josh: Christine won the battle but God will help you win the war!!! Grace, Mercy, Blessings and Favor will follow and overtake you the rest of your life. You remind me of my nephew who is 6’9 and took another route in life and has a great career. May God Bless & Keep You and may his face shine upon You and Your Family.

    PS: As soon as I can get all of the ingredients for the shrimp etoufee I will cook your recipe for my family and let you know how much everyone enjoyed it.

  13. Amedar says:

    My brother suggested I might like this website. He was entirely right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  14. PScott says:

    Josh: Christine won the battle but God will help you win the war!!!

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