Chef Josh Marks, Yvette Moyo and Rael Jackson at the Real Men Cook’s International Men’s Day event held at Macy’s on State Street. Photo: Zondra Hughes

Chef Josh Marks, featured on the mega hit FOX television cooking show “MasterChef” is the national spokesperson for Real Men Cook and celebrated International Men’s Day at Macy’s flagship State Street store on Nov. 20.

The  talented chef was a favorite on “MasterChef,” and his second-place finish on the show struck a chord among foodies everywhere. Chef Marks has returned to Chicago and will help the Real Men Charities’  “Real Men Building Healthy Kids and Strengthening Families” project. Marks is a former basketball star for Tougaloo College in Jackson, Miss., where he earned an economics degree — cum laude — in 2009.

“Josh is the quintessential example of what Real Men Charities represents and he allows us to reach the Y-generation in a high impact manner.  He’s only 25, family focused and destined for phenomenal entrepreneurial success,” says Yvette Moyo, co-founder, Real Men Cook and RMC Charities.

Follow Chef Josh Marks on Twitter: @MC3Josh

Chef Josh Marks, David A. Day regional manager, Macy’s, and Mrs. Day. Photo: Dr. Dawj for Steed Media Group.













































  1. Hello Josh! I’m Ethnic Foodie, a new food blogger over at (which I’ve just started and is currently in construction). I’m new to your blog, and I must say, I really, really admire your skills in Indian cuisine. Being Indian myself, you’ve truly inspired me to learn about my culture more and especially, to learn about the food that comes from there. The dishes I’ve seen you create on MasterChef are plain amazing, and I wish I had your sense of spices in the kitchen (I’ll learn all of them someday, I hope)! Also, as a fellow home baker, I made my first fruit tart after seeing you duke it out with Ryan on MasterChef and make a cool Tropical Fruit Tart! :)

    Anyways, congratulations on becoming a spokesperson for Real Men Cook! I hope this brings great opportunities for you, and you truly are a great home chef that one can look up to. Best of Luck to you, Josh!

  2. CHRIS STOVALL says:

    hey brutha josh, i see you are doing your thang man, I hope you continue your success.

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