Back in a major way! After a two week hiatus for the Olympics (where Team USA kicked ass 104 medals) we are now back in action in the MasterChef Kitchen. The first challenge really separates the strong from the weak and the chefs from the mere cooks! We are going to be cooking in a Michelin star restaurant in Hollywood by the name of Hatfield’s. This restaurant has some of the most delicious food I’ve ever had the honor of cooking and it not only tasted amazing, it was presented beautifully. We put out some sexy plates! Chef Hatfield showed us some amazing cooking and plating techniques that you would only find at a Michelin star restaurant. We cooked two stunning appetizers and two mouth-watering entrees. The first appetizer was a beautiful spring pea agnolotti with a citrus butter sauce. The second appetizer was a delicious Croque Madame with yellow tail sashimi, prosciutto, fried brioche, with beurre blanc ladled on top with a fried quail egg. I’m drooling at the thought of it.

The entrees were pretty spectacular as well! We cooked a stunning pan-roasted branzino in an amazing steam oven, with sautéed haricot vert (green beans), red onion soubise, and a crunchy apricot almond topping. A double thick venison loin chop marinated and seared to perfection. This was served with sautéed brussels sprouts and a sun-choke puree. These are the types of dishes that separate the chefs from the cooks. This challenge will test everyone’s skills in the kitchen and now it’s time for the real chefs to stand up and triumph and the mere cooks to return to the kitchens. I hope you’re ready because this is going to something you are going to want to see!

See you tonight!


  1. Ashley-Nicole Williams says:

    Sooooooo excited!! You go boy!!! :) #teamJosh

  2. Sandra Reed Lumbard says:

    I’ll be watching you tonight cuz, knowing your gonna come out on top, whatever it is I’ll be taking notes, pen & paper ready, love you, God Bless

  3. Ashley Decelles says:

    FINALLY!!! The Olympics are over ans Masterchef is back!!! I’ve been waiting for 2 WEEKS for it to come back on!!! I needed to watch you win it all on the show!! Good luck in the contest! By the way can you follow me on Twitter at @Ashley234733299 ! I KNOW you will win!!!

  4. Tim says:

    I’m really interested to see the steam oven. Have you ever eaten at MOTO in Chicago? I think they used to have a tiny hotbox that they would bring to the table filled with boiling water, and they’d drop a red hot rock into it and allow you to cook a piece of fish on its surface at the table. That’s what I’m envisioning.

  5. donnarae says:

    Nice blog! Though I wish I knew what the hell you cooked (maybe describe it in English and tell me what is a sun choke?) sorry Josh I’m a lamen term kinda girl!

    • admin says:

      lol that is the lamen term for it. It’s a Jerusalem Artichoke. It’s a root vegetable that’s starchy like a potato or celery root.

  6. Derrick says:

    Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward in trying one of your recipes.
    Call the fire department…..

  7. Cliff Scott says:

    Just finished watching MasterChef. You did it again Josh – Great Job!
    I knew you would be the one to send Dave Martinez packing – now go after Frank!

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  10. Dewey says:

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  11. Ro says:

    Congratulations Josh……top 4!!!! Now tell me was that mango really worth it? Yes, you got balls….but did you really think his ego was going to accept a change to the signature dish served to the President of the United States??? Now think about it….really Josh….we miss you already here at the (P) …..keep up the good fight for!!!!

  12. ariadne says:

    Josh you are da absolute best!!! Go kick some ass in the competition!!! You’re such an inspiration to many ppl esp athletes who luv cooking- like me. Gonna try out one of ur recipes tmr.. :D XFingers crossedX

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